There is a lot of flexibility in the terms and conditions. Our main aim is to help all children who start with a play school to develop in an all round and holistic way.

As a playschool you will know how to engage the children in your care for various physical and play activities.

The DAITM Neuroplasticity Programme, which is based on its academic content, will help you create what we call ‘Brilliant Scholars’. A child can develop to be a scholar or even brilliant, but to be brilliant and a scholar is not an easy task.

We help you achieve this for your children.

Non-Refundable Franchisee fees which are very nominal (varies as per Location).

20% AESC is to be paid from monthly collection.

No other DAITM Affiliate/Franchise will be established in 3 K.M. of your area.

Agreement will be for five years (initially).

All transactions shall be made in favour of "Dyslexia Association of India”

All transactions will be exempt from Income Tax in your hands, as you will receive a proper Income Tax receipt under section 12A and 80G for all payment made to the Dyslexia Association of IndiaTM

Taxes as per the Government policy & subject to change.