About Dyslexia

What We Offer
The Dyslexia Association of India is a Charitable Trust that has been established to give children a platform from which to fulfill their potential. With complex barriers to social evolution that have existed in our country, learning has become synonymous with grades and measured in academic meritocratic percentages.

The Dyslexia Association of India seeks to create a change in the mindsets of parents and educators so that we can create a Dyslexia friendly system where sustainable changes can be brought about by mindset changes.

We strive to create an awareness of the differences that may exist between various children for which we cannot hold them solely accountable. We endeavor to ensure that if your child learns differently, it is identified, highlighted and communicated to the primary educator concerned in the child’s school.

The Dyslexia Association of India, enables dyslexic children with the knowledge and confidence that comes with knowing that they are no different from their peer’s, and that striving for academic knowledge is not a fence that cannot be brought down.

We offer Psychological assessment to identify your child's profile of cognitive (thinking) abilities and his or her reading and writing ability and using the information so obtained offer specialist teaching options to you. Our environment is controlled and well monitored so that children are assured of the best in class practice when they are brought to us.

The Dyslexia Association of India uses a well researched and structured multi modal and multisensory method of teaching that is unique for dyslexic children.

Being a Charitable Trust, the Dyslexia Association of India, conducts Not For Profit Classes every evening from 11AM up to 8:30PM. Dyslexic children and Children who have been assessed as being afflicted by any co morbidity learning difficulties like Dyscalculia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, etc are also allowed to register and benefit from our outreach effort.

Held in centrally air-conditioned and well-lit premises, the thrust is to give children with Learning Difficulties an opportunity to better themselves. Due to an increasing demand for these highly subsidized classes, registration is mandatory and walk in students may not be able to be accepted Do help us avoid disappointment on this issue.

The aim of the Dyslexia Association of India is to eradicate societal apathy towards children who learn differently and press for change that is visible, sustainable and measurable in real terms. It strives for an attitudinal change which only can drive down the narrow definitions of human success.