Individualized Instructional Practices

You can individualize your instructional practices based on the needs of your students in different academic subjects. Students have different ways of getting information, not all of which involve traditional reading and listening.

Individualized lessons in language arts, mathematics, and organizational skills benefit not only children with dyslexia, ADD or ADHD but also other children who have diverse learning needs.

Bettering Reading Comprehension

To help children with dyslexia, and other learning difficulties or those who are poor readers, improve their reading comprehension skills, you may wish to attempt the following instructional practices:

Silent Reading Time.

Follow - Along Reading, instruct the child to read a story silently while listening to other students or the teacher read the story out loud to the entire class.

Partner Reading Activities by Pairing the child with another student partner who is a stronger reader. The partners take turns reading orally and listening to each other.

Word bank-keep a word bank or dictionary of new or hard-to read sight vocabulary words.

Suggest board games for reading comprehension.

Assisting with Writing and Spelling

Set standards for writing assignments and follow up with constructive feedback.
Teach frequently used spelling words.
As the child to create a dictionary of misspelled words
Work with manipulatives.
Using colour-coding of letters with the use of highlighters.
Ask the child to use movement activities. Movement activities combine movement activities with spelling lessons (e.g. clap your hands while spelling the word out loud).
Quiet place for handwriting. Provide the child with a special quiet place (e.g. on a table outside the classroom) to complete his or her handwriting assignments.
Teach how to space words on a page. Teach the child to use his or her finger to measure how much space to leave between each word in a written assignment.
Ask the child to use special writing paper with vertical lines to learn to space letters and words on a page.
Encourage the child to use a tape recorder.Ask the student to dictate writing assignments into a tape recorder.

For detailed information on this subject please contat the Dyslexia Association of India and we would be very happy to be of assistance.