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The attitude of the parents can greatly affect the success of their children. This may seem obvious, however, it is possible for a parent to be under or over involved, to the point that the child will not succeed.

If you are under involved and feel that your child’s problems at learning and academic progress will go away with time, or that the brain will grow out of it, please sit up and take notice. If there is a learning disorder that is present in your child and it goes un assessed or identified, it is most likely that when the child has grown up and is far behind his peer’s you may question yourself as to why you did not act on time.

If you are over involved and hover over your child, in all probability you are driving your child “crazy”. This is the term that most children use when they describe the hovering “helicopter parent”. Please do not mistake the issue.

It is great to be involved and as a parent you would be in step with your child. But are you qualified and trained to assess what the child may be going through when you make him or her do the same sum over and over again, because he or she just cant get it right? It may be more then poor concentration on the part of the child and not your inability to get through to the child. It may be a learning difficulty and once you are aware of the issues, you may fare better in this role as a parent.

Do call us if you have an inkling of a doubt.