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As a student, if you feel that there are factors that are hindering your ability to study in school, or that you feel that as a student you can do much better, but are unable to do so for reasons that are listed in the signs and symptoms, please speak to your parents and have them contact us.

While we would encourage you to call us directly, you must know and appreciate that the primary support system for any child is his or her parents. Your parents and then your teachers would be in a better position to refer or bring you to the Dyslexia Association of India, as the assessment results can then be communicated to them clearly and concisely.

We have noticed and it is our experience, that knowing where the pitfalls are is always better than walking through your school years wishing you could do better or watching your friends and peers get ahead. You would be surprised to know that even children who obtain academic scores that are in the top percentile come to us for an assessment and to learn where they may have a shortcoming and how they can improve and overcome the difficulty – if any.

Our counseling services are completely confidential and may help you build a positive and favorable self-image. Correct counseling may go a long way in reducing stress and helping a child understand themselves better and also becoming aware of what they are doing and where they want to see themselves in the future.

Every child is unique and every dyslexic child deserves an opportunity to better himself or herself. Knowledge can be very empowering and when you feel empowered, your output will be at its optimum as you would know the purpose behind what you are doing.

Please take the first step and call us. We will assist in whatever way we can.