Nothing is more important than children. Nothing is significantly more important than a special child. A child who is completely dependent on you to hold his hand and teach him how to learn to read and write. A child who is confused in a sea of children and for whom time and patience are so crucial.

Everyone talks about bringing forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunities. Everyone talks about commercializing and owning and operating a play school, as it doesn’t require any technical qualification or past experience.

Beyond not having to invest huge sums of money nor having extended break-even periods as a business model, have you ever thought that you want to make a difference in the lives of the children you deal with.

Children who are normal when they enter a playschool, but due to incorrect teaching practices and inappropriate books go on to becoming Dyslexic or developing ADHD or other Learning Disabilities?

If you can look beyond simply just wanting an assurance of a successful business venture, by virtue of being a part of an established group like the Dyslexia Association of India™ and understand that a feeling of satisfaction and self value in what you are doing is as important as a fast break-even and return of investment, then come and be a part of a playschool that work on the scientific and academic guidelines of brain based learning and quality that is not there in India.

There is nothing wrong in making money for a living. However balancing it with giving back to society is what every playschool should be doing.

Being associated and being affiliated with us does not involve a change in your name or business model. It allows you to take advantage of our top of the line-researched books that should be used for all children in any playschool. Using techniques that will make sure that the parents who have trusted you with their children are given the best in academic, social and holistic value and their children are prepped for excellence when they enter formal school.

Give us a call; make a difference to the future of the children under your care!