The family structure in India has witnessed an evolution from a traditional and conservative unit to an entity that is increasingly being challenged by factors outside the immediate family microsystem. If we do not accept the truth, that most parents would rather deny a problem related to academic deficiency and intellect capability of their children, we would be doing an Ostrich on our selves. Not seeing the threat or the approaching problem is not going to wish away the day to day struggle that a child with Specific learning Differences may be facing. Nor is it going to make the passing days easy for a parent.

We have observed that parents can be concerned about costs and how to take the first step to help their children. The Dyslexia Association of India would strongly encourage you to take the first step and come and meet us for a consultation.

Your queries, concerns and worry will be addressed in a most professional manner and client based confidentiality will ensure complete peace of mind. How you decide to move forward after this is entirely dependent on you as parents, and our Charity does not believe in pressuring any individual to opt for assessments or remediation. The decision and choice has to be yours and you have to believe in the process and the need of your ward.

Once you are confident and sure, as a parent you would be please to know that:

The Dyslexia Association of India provides the much needed assessment of children to ascertain where the learning deficit lies. In contrast to private enterprises, which charge heavily per student, we charge a nominal fee, which equals the material cost of testing, and is almost 1/3 or one third of the commercial market fee.

Unlike most commercial institutions, which conduct the assessment over a period of 3-4 days, our assessment procedure ensures that the child is subjected to the process in one working day itself to reduce anxiety and trauma. Stress related to performance anxiety is also considerably reduced and the results are closer to accurate indices.

The Dyslexia Association of India also conducts highly subsidized remedial class for children who have been assessed by us. Remedial is in the form of Special Need Education Classes and with a very strong focus on Brain Neuroplasticity – a procedure that targets the specific area where a child has demonstrated a weakness.

Remedial Classes and Neuroplasticity is recommended for children on a variable basis where time commitment is concerned. At a minimum the child would need to interact with the Association for Sixteen Hours on a monthly basis. This would mean that each class would be held for two hours and there would be two such classes each week. Our experience has shown that anything less than this contact period does not translate into any form of substantial gain for the child and automaticity does not develop.

We do get requests from parents for their children to come visit us one a week, and normally we would discourage this practice. The primary factor in having your child come to the Dyslexia Association of India is to make sure that the child’s weaknesses and areas of deficit are ameliorated with appropriate strategic interaction and scaffolded with a weave of emotional and academic assistance.

Dedication and Parental patience as any child first learns to unlearn what is not perfect - and then learns to learn the correct way to make education a fun process rather than a stressful activity is very important.

With propriety academic scaffolding activities, we provide each child with material, which is a collectible item and covers topics from language to auditory to spatial awareness. We would like to share with you as a parent that this material can run into almost seventy to eighty thousand pages of specialized remedial books over the span of time that your child is with us.

In addition to this, the classes are conducted in a protected, all weather air-conditioned environment with full power back up at all times.

Please do not hesitate to call us and fix an appointment. The time and effort you invest in this process for your child can only have a positive outcome.