The Dyslexia Association of IndiaTM (DAITM) believes that pre-school children should have Learning opportunities through play and other relevant experiences. Pre-school is probably the most crucial period for children prior to entering primary school.

The DAITM curriculum is the planned for experiences which are based on its researched copyright & Patented T.R.A.I.NTM Neuroplasticity programme.

The books will ensure that prior to being interviewed by the school for admission, the child who has completed this curriculum will have started to develop the Neural Substrates responsible for Learning to read and write.

The books work in a manner that certain areas of the brain are activated when the child works through this curriculum and cognitive enhancement begins.

Although children develop at different rates and their achievements may vary, all children who complete these books before entry into formal schooling will have a head start in academics.

The DAITM preschool, Nursery and KG Neuro Plasticity CurriculumTM will ensure children explore, investigate and be creative. They will develop concentration and a range of skills and competencies such as observing, making decisions, problem solving and communicating and can, with the support and guidance of their parents and adults, further enhance their own learning and experience success and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

The books are planned, purposeful, flexible and allow children to follow the subjects sequentially and develop cognitively at their own pace by stimulating their crystallized intelligence.