Counseling Services

Counseling provides an opportunity to think and talk about difficulties, experiences, feelings, thoughts and problems that may be concerning your child now - or have done in the past.

Good counseling remediates problems in relationships. Good teaching remediates problems in literacy. When the principles of effective counseling combine with the principles of effective literacy teaching, then dyslexia becomes not only manageable but potent, a source of individual strength and wisdom.

We work on these premises and provide a window for children and adults who have been assessed by the Dyslexia Association of India to take the first step towards self-improvement by enrolling for regular counseling sessions. These sessions will assist any person who wants a change in his or her life process learn how to get to know people and how to look & listen for feelings.

How to communicate their feelings, and how to solve social problems and act or respond in an effective way. If a child has a co related issue like ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) it can and may show the way how to initiate positive behavior and how to deal with negative feelings and behavior.

The frustration of a dyslexic child often centers on their inability to meet expectations. To compound this, the pain of failing to meet other people's expectations is surpassed only by a dyslexic child’s inability to achieve his or her goals.

In these cases sensible and systematic counseling may help in overcoming feelings of anger, frustration, loneliness, social anxiety and family issues.