Role of a Teacher

The role of an insightful teacher in working with a child with dyslexia is critical, and their perceptions play an important role in learning for a child who has dyslexia or any related specific learning difficulty.

As an educator, you are in the frontline and at the forefront of a system that can help a dyslexic child achieve.

At present, in our country, with the immense demand from a huge child base, it is easy to overlook a dyslexic or special needs child and focus on the achiever. The method that is adopted for teaching in the class room and the focus on academic achievement may and usually does result in a significant number of children being left by the side while the sharper children or those endowed with better learning skills get ahead. It does not help that percentages in exams count as a barometer of classroom success.

Our teachers, in school and other academic institutions will need to accept and embrace that, one of the most significant factors enabling a dyslexic child to overcome his or her learning difficulties would be the implementation of a wide variety of methods and approaches as well as the teacher’s guidance and support.

Having a dyslexic learner in class involves introducing certain changes in order to facilitate the learning process and make the learner feel safe and comfortable. Our teachers will need to make themselves aware of the fact that dyslexia is a serious learning difficulty, which commonly exists, but can be successfully dealt with and diminished.