General Strategies for Teaching a class with dyslexic children

Strategies for teaching a class with dyslexic children may include

1. The use of Audio-Visual materials.
2. Checking Student Performance regularly
3. Asking Probing Questions that give the child an opportunity to demonstrate what he or she knows.
4. Performing On-going Student Evaluation by identifying students who need additional assistance. Look out for signs of lack of comprehension, such as daydreaming or visual or verbal indications of frustration. 5. Provide these children with extra explanation or ask another student to serve as a peer tutor for the lesson.
6. Letting Students Self-Correct Their Own Mistakes. For example, remind students that they should check their calculations in mathematic problems and reiterate how they can do that
7. Lowering Noise Level

Dyslexic children and those with problems like attention deficit disorder, often have difficulty refocusing their attention as they end one academic lesson and move on to the next lesson. As a teacher you can help your students prepare for these transitions when concluding a lesson if you take the time to plan a conclusion and not end abruptly.

As a teacher you need to provide Advance Warnings. Provide advance warning that a lesson is about to end.

Announce five or ten minutes prior to the end of the lesson
Preview the Next Lesson.
Instruct students how to begin preparing for the next lesson.

For detailed information on this subject please contat the Dyslexia Association of India and we would be very happy to be of assistance.