Subject: Assessment of Vyome Agarwal
Date: 24 January 2016 12:17:43 PM IST
To: "assessment@dyslexiaindia.org.in"
Dear Sir
In the last week of December last year you have done the detailed evaluation of my son on Dyslexia.
On advise of my brother who himself is a doctor in US we visited DR Melissa Del Homme at UCLA to get 2nd opinion. In the last 4 days Vyome has undergone various psychological tests at UCLA.
She was really impressed with your report and her diagnosis is in the similar lines. She asked me if she can be given permission to interact with you on Vyome Case.
Please advise if it will be okay for you to share your details to her.
Her contact details are as follows.
Melissa Del'Homme, Ph.D.
Associate Director, ADHD Program
UCLA Department of Psychiatry
(310) 206-5590

Dear Sirs,

I was very much worried about the academic progress of younger son Master Adarsh Shrivasatv, although he was working very hard but results were not reflecting the same. Then I have done extensive search on internet about the problem & finally able to take appointment with Prof. G.B Singh for consultation.

He was kind enough to give us the appointment as per our convenience on 14.11.2015

He has gone in detail about my son with us & him also. The has conducted preliminary tests & explained the every test to us.

After that we have gone for detailed test for identification of problems.

He has shared the findings with us, then he has prescribed the requisite measures for brain neuroplasticity & some exercises for increasing the concentration. He ensured us that corrections are possible with child, it is only matter of time & proper care.

We are happy with the diagnosis & waiting for detailed report.


Deepak Shrivastav

Wonder Cement Limited,

Nimbahera, Chittorgarh (Raj.)

Mobile No. 08003094750

From: Prathap Pingali
To: "gs1450@yahoo.com"
Cc: "poonampingali1973@gmail.com"
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 3:33 PM
Subject: From Poonam and Prathap Pingali
To All parents
As parents of two teenagers, we always thought that due to hormonal changes, our thirteen year old son was going through a lot of ups and downs in his life, concerning himself, his academics, his friends etc., which was normal and would settle down eventually. Little did we realise that there was more to it than met the eye.

After he had a severe anxiety attack, on the advice of the counsellor of his school we decided to take professional help. We approached Prof. Dr. Singh of Dyslexia Association of India, who conducted various tests diligently and with a lot of patience. Based on his analysis and detailed explanation we have come to understand the underlying medical issues that are acting as triggers for our son’s unnatural behaviour. We are now better equipped to handle our child and have understood the kind of care and support he needs from us.

Sadly, in our society, we tend to rush and seek medical attention for physical needs but tend to shy away from the same for our mental health. Our brain, which is one of the most important organs of our body is neglected due to the stigma attached to psychiatric care.
As parents, after having gone through the experience first hand, we are convinced that professional help is necessary to overcome behavioural issues. Otherwise we are doing a tremendous disservice not only to the person in need but also to the entire family.
We once again thank ‘Dyslexia Association of India’ and Dr. Singh for helping us identify the causes and recommending the right treatment for our son.
Best regards,
Prathap Pingali
91 98666 14848
Poonam Pingali
91 99497 57773

From: Puneet Tandon
To: "info@dyslexiaindia.org.in"
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 1:53 PM
Subject: DAI

I wish to state that as parents of a 12 year old child initially diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum in his early childhood we discovered in all these years there were these so called ‘experts who only understood the problem from a distance and prescribed therapies in in a generic and impersonal manner, till in our good fortune we came across Prof.(Dr) “Gurdeep Singh” of the Dyslexia Association of India(™)

Prof. Singh is an expert in his field of Cognitive Neuroplasticity , and Child Psychology with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities and one of the rare experts who could not only pinpoint to “where” in the Autism Spectrum but also to the genesis of the problem for my son during the early development of the child.

The child was thoroughly assessed on various latest scientific tests and the subsequent reports were shared and clearly explained to us parents.

Prof. Singh not only meticulously explained the genesis and the development of the problem but also provided specific recommendations a combination of medicines and exercises along with Auditory Simulations and Neural Plasticity or "rewiring" of our sons Brain.

Something, which set him apart from others, was also the consultation and advise for planning the future of the child and family.

I would highly recommend Prof. Singh and his expert counsel to all parents seeking an accurate and honest assessment of their “Special” children, and advise parents to consider their children’s future and a accurate strategy based on correct diagnoses and not evaluate their children for a few thousands of rupees. It is just not worth saving the paltry sum, when our children are on the wrong route of life.

Puneet Singh

Very few people come forward and actually make the effort to help others. It takes a certain degree of empathy and largesse that comes from understanding that life is about giving and sharing and not accumulating that allows some of us within the many to stand out from the masses and the crowd.

Mrs & Mr Jain from Meerut turned out to be one such couple.

Besides making a contribution that will help 3 children receive subsidised Neurophysological Screening, their contribution will go to provide supplements for two families with children who were declared 'of no use' by a leading hospital and doctor.

These two children were being assisted by the Dyslexia Association of India(™) but the impetus from the Jain's will help in the continuity of the remediation.

We wish we could find a few more Anupama's and Rajnish's in this country. It can make so much of a difference.

Prof.(Dr) Singh


We are extremely grateful to Dr Singh and his entire team for patiently assessing,diagnosing and treating my son Deepansh's problem.

My son is now doing much better in school as well as in his day to day activities.

Prof. Singh is also running a charitable trust which gives free counselling,medicines etc.to such Special Need Children whose parents cannot afford .

On Drs insistence we too became a part of such good cause by donating and felt immense pleasure and satisfaction in helping these needy kids.

Ee wish all the very best to Dr Singh once again and hope we too will contribute to the cause as and when required and do our part of service to the humanity.

Thanks a lot.

Anupma and Rajnish jain

Mibile - 09719069699

My daughter Sanya was identified with Learning Disability and dyslexia when she was in class IInd by Councellor of the school. She has issues regarding speech (some words she can’t speak properly) and learning disabilities and being a parent was very much tensed and concerned about her future.

We took classes from several special educators but it was not working. Over the time, she became introvert and quiet. She has friend in class/school only. She hesitates to mix up with children of neighbourhood with a fear in her mind that they will identify her flaws and will tease her.

Then we came across Dyslexia Association of India thru internet and we spoke to Prof(Dr).Singh and was given an appointment for assessment of my child. Prof. Singh was very extremely accurate in his assessment and explained in detail about my child’s problem.

Now after seven months of remedial measures/classes we can see a very remarkable and positive change in my child’s behavior and performance in school. Also the confidence in her boosted. Our heartfelt thanks and hats off to Dr Singh and his dedicated team at Dyslexia Association of India for the noble work which they are doing.

If any parent wants they can contact us freely as we have written from our heart.

Thanks & Regards

Manjula Rana & Sukhvinder Singh

9811272114 / 9873200499

From: Selva Kumar
To: info@dyslexiaindia.org.in
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 12:29 PM

Dear Sir,

Good Morning to you. I am Wg Cdr S Selva Kumar. If you remember, I am Master Saran's father who had come to your for carrying out Assessment for him some time back. Sir, it was a great pleasure interacting with you both as a Doctor & as a Personal Advisor. It was an eye opener for me & my wife Revathi, who are indebted to you for carrying out a comprehensive assessment of my Son Saran.

After having received the assessment from you, I had approached the Principal of TAFS at Subroto Park & discussed Saran's condition in a mild & diplomatic manner as you had guided us. To my surprise, she informed me that a dedicated trained Psychologist was available at the School specially for this purpose & she has been doing a great job in assisting children with learning disabilities. I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking they would not encourage such children in their school. I showed the Psychologist the assessment that you had given me. She accepted the fact that, the assessment is comprehensive and would be a great tool for her in helping the child in overcoming the shortcomings that he has.

The psychologist, is presently in constant touch with the teachers and with us, informing us Saran's developments. In fact Saran is fast becoming independent & has started doing his classwork on his own like other children. The speech is also moderately improving, though not at a rapid pace. However, the major development is the teacher's attitude towards him. She is more encouraging and accommodating than earlier. All the students in the class are also eager to see Saran improving & give encouraging comments to his elder brother Kritik who is in the same school.

So, Sir hats off to you & the noble work which you are doing. Me & my wife are really thankful to you. Sir I require one help from you, if its not too much for you. I had been going on inspections every now & then, to my bad luck I had lost the exercises and handout which you had given me . I have not been able to trace it out since long. I would like to request you to kindly email me, both these papers, I would take out a print out & keep for my record purposes.

Thank you,
Wg Cdr S Selva Kumar
Mob: 9650 462828

We were facing certain uneasiness with the progress of my son who is a student of class II at Presidium, Indirapuram. Though we are very impressed with the teaching methods of the school & the care shown by the teachers, but somehow his academic learnings were not up to the mark.

Then one day my brother suggested me to meet Mr. Gurdeep Singh of DAI who had conducted a counselling session at DPS Mathura Road, New Delhi. We met Mr. Singh at his office in Noida along with both our children and discussed our observations in an open free flowing environment with him. Mr. Singh assessed our both our kids & suggested a specific set of remedial classes for each of them.

Since July 2012, both our children are attending remedial classes & have shown significant improvements in their social as well as academic learning. We are very much satisfied with the genuine, effective and honest approach of Mr. Gurdeep Singh and also highly thankful for the care & guidance provided by him.

Wish there are more people like him & more & more parents to be open minded so that they can ensure timely help for their children to help them make a successful happy career.

Mrs. Anupama & Mr. Deepak Chauhan
Cell: 9999606204

5th February 2013
Mr. Gurdeep Singh,
Dyslexia Association of India,
MZ-47, The Center Stage Mall,
Sector-18, Noida – 201303


At the outset, please accept our heartfelt thanks for the care & guidance provided by you to our children Aditi and Pratyush Chauhan for the last 6 months.

Both have shown noticeable improvement with respect to their school education. Aditi has also learnt to mingle with her peers & discuss her concerns & opinions with her elders and teachers alike, though Pratyush has to still show improvement on this aspect.

As discussed, we are very keen to continue our children’s association with you, but are forced to postpone it by couple of more months due to the following reasons:-

i) Both Aditi and Pratyush are having their summative assessments during end of this month till mid March 2013.

ii) Financially we are somewhat overburdened currently. We sincerely wish to continue without any break till next year.

Trust you will understand our concern empathetically.

With Best Regards,

Deepak & Mrs. Anupama Chauhan
Parents of- Aditi and Pratyush Chauhan

My child has the problem of reading, writing and comprehension. I thought it will improve with time. But it gets worse with time. The consultation with DAITM helped me to understand the strength and deficit of my child through various testing methods. I could realize the real difficulty of my child. The DAITM suggested many solutions and remedy to improve. They have shown us the way forward to improve my child. I sincerely thank DAITM

with regards and thanks

I am Anoop . I 'm 32. I am facing the Dyslexia problem but right now day's I am in improving stage . I will share my experience with friends facing the same problem.

My childhood time was scary in the school because of this problem , I used to avoid my classmate. I had stammering problem also with Dyslexia. That time teacher also could not focus on me because our class strength was over 50 . The stammering teacher used to bypass me. I also started taken stammering shield. It was my big mistake from my side , I not to convey this problem to my parents. I also started taking shelters from my friends . Even for purchases and in the restaurant for the menu card also. I used to keep them in my front. I was a slow learner . I was very good in cramming ( Rata). While writing if I miss one word . I was not able to complete my paragraph. I completed my school . I started my graduation but it came in my mind that I am wasting my time in my collage because I had my limitation . I was good drawing . I focus on my drawing . I did Diploma in Fine Art.

I got the job in entertainment industry . I love it and enjoy my job. This Dyslexia problem was an obstacle in my career. I was not able to express my self and day by day I was getting depressed.

The mean of Dyslexia . I came to know from a Hindi movie. After seeing I realized had I my also a victim . But some family members did not understood my problem . They advised that I go for change of place and live alone. But I did not accept their view point because I knew my limitation. I consulted few doctor but I was not convinced .With growing age I was getting more depressed.

I started searching the net. I found Dyslexia Association of India. I contacted them. I met Mr. Gurdeep Singh sir and explained my problem. He listened me very patiently and he told me we will solve your problem but because of my age it will a slow process. There is no shortcut.

Five months have past . I feel my self confident. Earlier I used to avoid people and hesitate to talk to them . Now I try to mix with them. My office also supports me. My problem is that I am not able to give more time for studies because my nature of work but I get full support and attention from my faculty Mr. Chris sir who is very patient with his students. Their approach is very sympathetic. This organisation is doing a yeoman service to Dyslexia people.