The following two videos on How the Brain Works were created by Jule Fuller of Thinkology from Australia. The contents and the messages are as they were created and belong to thinkology. Jule has very kindly allowed us to share these videos for our parents and children to view and learn from them."

We at the Dyslexia Association of India would encourage parents to learn and accept that Learning Disorders are of a Neurological Origin and in no way reflect upon the child or parents. Just as our body needs food as a fuel to function so a brain needs the right commands from its Neurotransmitters to function optimally. These videos will share the workings in a manner that children can also understand and learn more about themselves.

The sequence of videos below have been shared with us by David Boulton of the well know project " Learning Stewards" and "children of the code". Language as we know is a learned process and we would encourage parents who watch these to share them amongst their friends and colleagues. From learning comes knowledge and from knowledge acceptance. Acceptance that a symptom may be a manifestation of a cry for help from a child is the first step any mother or father can take in helping their child achieve. Please view and please call us for us to be able to help you.                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                        (Gurdeep Singh)
                    Kids Talking about Reading                  

Scared That I'm Not Smart

        Learning Process

Reading at the Speed of Speech


The Speed Of Speech


What Reading Is


Unnatural Confusion 2011


How The Brain Works


Introduction to the "Readiness" Chapter


Oral to Written Language Continuum

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