Information contained in the website of the Dyslexia Association of India and the reports generated for children who have been assessed by the Dyslexia Association of India are protected by Copyright. All material- written and visual is the copyright property of the Association and Schools, Institutes, Teachers and Individuals are not permitted to reproduce or copy it without written consent of the Association. The Dyslexia Association of India is a registered Charitable Trust with full NGO status and all tests and remediation are provided for on a cost-to-cost basis. The Not For Profit charter of the Association extends to all children and adults who need assistance and is not limited to any particular section of the society.

The screening provided is not intended to replace any medical advice given relating to the child by a qualified registered medical doctor nor is it intended to diagnose any disease. All effort has been made to ensure that screenings are carried out with maximum accuracy based on the performance of the child at the time of administering the assessment. Results and Recommendations are not valid for Medico Legal Cases and once the parent proceeds with this self awareness questionnaire they agree not to hold the Dyslexia Association of India, its affiliate, employees, and individuals associated with the Dyslexia Association of India and its affiliates responsible for any outcome. The self assessment is strictly voluntary and no individual is pressurized or forced to undertake it.Assessments are voluntary and the findings of the assessment / screenings are informative in nature and to be used for a wider application of the assesse's ability. The Dyslexia Association of India stands absolved and not liable for any errors in interpretation of the results.

If you agree to the above please check the box below and proceed. We wish you well and would like to suggest to parents that if you notice even minor aberrations in your child's academic, social and personal expression, please take it seriously. No child purposely work's towards failing to succeed.Any expression of a deficit can and may have underlying causes that guardians and parents may overlook with the belief that children will outgrow these symptoms. While this has been known to happen, there is no guarantee that leaving the future to fate will be of any assistance. Proactive intervention and narrowing down the findings are what will help any child succeed.

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